Mostly Alberta Drag Racing

Last Update:  May 7, 2020 

I have been interested in 1/4 mile drag racing since the very early 1960's.  A lot of things have changed over that time, but the pictures of the good old days still rekindle fond memories.  A few years ago, I started to assemble a primarily Alberta collection of drag race photos.  I scrounged images from various sites but have not had much luck obtaining photos from individuals. Some of the tracks have their own web sites.

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                Northern Alberta     North Peace Bracket Racing Assn

                Edmonton                 Highway 14x and CFB Namao
                                                Speedway Park
                                                Castrol Raceway


                   Rimbey                       Central Alberta Raceway


           Calgary                     Barlow Trail
                                         Shepard Raceway  
                                         Race City                              

                Medicine Hat
            10th Avenue N.W.
                                               Medicine Hat Raceway


           Lethbridge               Industrial Park  
                                          "The 100 footer"

                                        LeBarons Car Club Lethbridge Airport "arm drop"


           OTHER                 Fort MacLeod        Vulcan            Granum


"Heads Up" Drag Racing


         Power to the Pavement


         Edmonton Fastest Streetcar Shootout

         Calgary Fastest Streetcar Shootout 2011


         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2012

         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2013

           Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2014

         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2015

         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2016

         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2017

         Southern Alberta Streetcar Shootout 2018

                                 Shootout 2019


Alberta Fastest Streetcar Lists




Hope to get some input from old racers and fans or their kids that may remember or have some of the old pictures and can provide info.  If you have any pictures or stories you would like me to add please send.

While there is duplication of images found on various sites scattered all over the internet, this site provides a single location with some.  By maintaining this site with its own image directory, it is not dependent on changes to other web sites.

There is no intent to violate copyright of images downloaded from other sites or to profit from the posting of these images.  For public information and viewing.  If you have any concerns please let me know.