last update:  March 4, 2012 

Lethbridge - "The 100 footer"

Here are a few of the Lethbridge racers that race at the annual Street Wheelers “100 footer” and make regular trips out to Medicine Hat (NHRA) and Calgary (IHRA) for quarter mile action.

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Mark Middleton

Arlo Neufeld

Mike Gadjostic

"The Hulk" - Darryl Herbers

A full Lethbridge Exhibition Grand Stand as usual on Saturday

(the only event that has filled this stadium!)

The Annihilator - 1966 Beaumont - Lorne and Angie MacDonald

The Champ

Caption 1

Caption 2

Unknown year

Chris Johnson

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The Famous “100 footer”


A Full House (be nice to see a few of these folks come out to the Hat!)


 Who Is It?

(Nope it isn't Wayne --  1962 Dodge at 100 footer)


Arlo Neufeld 1963 Valiant at 100 footer


Darryl Shearer Road Runner 572 at 100 footer


Unknown racer - Nope it ain't “Skip” Santa


Ron and Jason Mercer Super Gas Datsun at Medicine Hat



Scott Kluzny at Medicine Hat


Chris Johnson 1972 Comet at Medicine Hat


Les Dyck blown BBC El Camino at Medicine Hat


Kenny Joss 1976 Aspen at Medicine Hat


Jordy Vanderwoude 11 second Rambler (Rambler motor too) at Medicine Hat

Wayne Joss with the 1962 Plymouth Fury at the old Mission Raceway

440 six pack, 4 spd, silver car now painted black with larger engine

 So that is about it for Lethbridge, we are fortunate to have tracks relatively close at Medicine Hat and Calgary.