Last Update:  July 24, 2017

Lethbridge - Industrial Park


Lethbridge drag racing started out in the North East industrial park in 1985 when brothers Floyd and Wayne Joss were able to strike an agreement with the City of Lethbridge to close off one of the roads in an undeveloped, but paved part of the new NE industrial Park.


And there was born “High Country Raceway” a 1/8 mile strip.

Tim Gailey was the promotor.

Ken Thompson was the track manager.

Tony Buttazzoni tech inspector

Keith Riley tech inspector


Floyd and Wayne were long time MOPAR racers from B.C. and Edmonton. Wayne with the stock class “Mellow Yellow” Dodge wagon that ran 13.5 and Floyd with the 1962 Plymouth 413.


In 1985 TV 2&7 produced a video called “Fast Weekend”.


The featured car was the 1956 Chevy of John Graham.  The car weighed in at 2600 pounds, with Art Morrison components, 454 Chevy LS7 engine with roller cam.  850 holley, powerglide, fiberglass front end, fenders, doors, trunk.  The remaining steel was “acid dipped”.  14x32 slicks and 5:13 gears.  Ran 118 mph in the 1/8 mile at 6500 rpm’s and 136-140 mph in the mile at 7500 rpms.


Other notable competitors at the industrial park track were in no particular order:

Would like to add a few current picture of these cars and drivers if they are still around and running


1985   Cory and Ross Hoganson (black Super Gas 67 Camaro)

2006  Ross Hoganson Pro Mod 1963 Corvette (Photo July 23 MC Images)

Kevin McMillan

Kevin McMillan - 2003 - Rocky Mountain Nationals

Kevin McMillan - 2003 - Rocky Mountain Nationals

Unknown Racer 1

Evans Iron Shirt

Unknown Racer 3

Unknown Racer 4

Gary Randa

Tim Risling 1967 Beaumont of Medicine Hat

Unknown Racer 6

Jim Snowden

Perry Kain

Dan Hunt Chevy II of Calgary

Darryl Coupland Chevy II 

1985 Doug Zeller Nova  of Medicine Hat

2005 Doug Zeller of Medicine Hat (is it the same Nova)

Unknown Racer 8

Doug Burton

Ian  Gellately of Medicine Hat (white 1968 Cuda now owned by Walter Franz)

Jay Petri……..Wayne Joss at far right doing tech

Lee Salmon

Howard Miller 4spd 1969 grey Cuda

Ann Miller automatic 1969 grey Cuda

John Koerselman with Laura sitting in passenger seat

Sterling Forseth 1966 Chevelle of Medicine Hat

Unknown Racer 12

Gord Deblasio

Rick Leocher

Donald Miller

Unknown Racer 15

Trevor Turner Plymouth Hemi

Larry Lennox

Stanley Keith LeBel

Rob Mitchell

Phil Goelinski of Medicine Hat

Brian Baxter of Medicine Hat

Unknown Racer 21

Les Hamerston "The Hammer" (RIP)

Unknown Racer 22

Valdi Philipaz

Unknown Racer 23

Alan Matejko

Unknown Racer 26

Bill Knecht - Knight Majic - 1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi

(Bill Caption 1)

(Bill Caption 2)

(Bill Caption 3)

Bill Caption 4

Bill Knecht - 1966 Dodge Coronet - 426 Hemi

Todd Fleck of Medicine Hat 1985

Todd Fleck Firebird August 2005

Todd Fleck - NHRA National Open - 2010

Stacey McNally (Lethbridge)

Prime Time altered is Vern Knapiks'(Bow Islandbrother, the car was raced for many years by Stan Gale is still raced by Jack and Jason Huges from Calgary

Bob Erishinshi (sp) Vega from Calgary

Bob Ashby Chevy II of Medicine Hat

Dave Daniels - Pontiac LeMans (Lethbridge)

Les Hall

Vic Burden Nova of Medicine Hat

Dave Showman

Ken and Dianne Thompson Camaro of Calgary

Mike Belaz

Perry Kain

Unknown Racer 35

Unknown Racer 36

Chuck Coffey Plymouth Satellite of Medicine Hat

Greg Hatfield ?

Jess Lebel

Unknown Racer 39

Unknown Racer 40

Kevin Erick

Unknown Racer 42

Unknown Racer 43

Bill Landry 1955 Jeep

Murray Johnson Comet

Bill Landry 1955 Jeep 427 Chev 

Larry Miller roadster

start line

start line unknown altered and dragster

Murray Johnson Comet  Bill Landry Jeep

These drivers/cars were there but don't have any pictures

Les Hall (Dragonmaster dragster)

Vern Knapik (Quarter Flash funny car)

Liscombe corvette funny car

Les Brooks (black Brand X 67 Camaro

Windy City Stormer orange Demon

Orange 1963 Nova

1957 Chevy wagon

Danny Gustafson

White vega with yellow/green stripes

Brian Baxter

1956 white corvette

Don Santa (blue 1960 Corvette with 427)

1955 Chevy (“HELL”)

Graham Smales


To be continued…………